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PaperStone Finish

PaperStone Finish
PaperStone Finish is made entirely from natural waxes (bee and carnauba) and vegetable products (soybean oil). All of the ingredients are natural and food safe. Waxes and soybean oil are used in cooking all the time Carnauba wax is a resin produced by the wax palm tree Copernicia Cerifera. This tree grows in various parts of South America. However, only the trees in the Northeastern tropical rain forests of Brazil produce the premium quality wax. It is produced by the tropical carnauba tree as protection from the incredibly harsh conditions of the tropical rain forest - intense heat, harsh equatorial sun and constant moisture and humidity. Any surface coated with carnauba wax will be similarly protected. Carnauba has a very strong grain structure and is the hardest wax known to man. In addition to being incredibly durable, carnauba dries to a deep, natural shine. In contrast, bees wax, paraffin and many synthetic waxes tend to cloud and occlude. 
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